how to delay sending an email in outlook 365

Delayed delivery is a useful feature in Outlook 365 that allows you to schedule an email to be sent at a later time. So don’t worry about sending those important emails on a day when you planned to be out of the office. You can delay sending an email anytime within the given century.

How to Delay Sending an Email in Outlook 365

Here are the steps to schedule an email delivery at a later date and time.

step 1) From your Outlook 365 inbox, click the New Email button to create a new email. Complete the email by completing all applicable fields, including To, Subject, and Message.

Step 2) Once the email is composed, click the Options tab on the ribbon.

Step 3) In the Options tab, look for the Delayed Delivery icon. Click the icon to open the settings that will be applied to send your email at a later time. A dialog box opens.

Step 4) In the Deferred Delivery dialog box, make sure the Do not deliver before: check box is checked. Enter the date you want to send the email. Also enter the delivery time. E-mail can be delivered on the same day or at any time in the future within the same century.

Step 5) To ensure that the email is successfully delivered to all recipients, fill in the Contacts field with the email addresses of the recipients. Leaving this field blank and relying on the email addresses in the To: field may cause technical issues. Therefore, enter all email addresses of the recipient in the Contacts field. You can also select various other settings in this area. For example, you can have replies sent to a different email address, have the task expire after a certain date if the email isn’t delivered, and so on. After you have selected the correct settings, click Close.

That’s it, sit back and relax. When the set date and time arrive, Outlook 365 delivers the email. To see if your email was delivered, check your Sent folder and make sure the email is listed.

Important Note: The date of the email sent is the date and time you compose the email and schedule the delayed delivery. It will not be the date the message was sent.

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