how to export contacts from outlook to gmail

To transfer your contacts from Outlook to Gmail, you will first need to export them from Microsoft Outlook as a CSV file, and then import that file to Google Gmail.

Export contacts from Outlook

The fastest way to export contacts from Outlook is to use the built-in wizard to walk you through the process:

1.  In your Outlook desktop application, click File > Open & Export > Import/Export.

2. Choose Export to a file and click Next.

3. Select Comma Separated Values and click Next.

4. Scroll up or down to the target account/mailbox, select the Contacts folder and click Next.

5. Click the Browse button, select the destination folder, name your .csv file, and click Next.

Remark. If you have exported your Outlook contacts before, the old location and file name will automatically appear. If you don’t want to replace an existing file, you’ll need to rename your CSV file.

6.Click Finish and Outlook will immediately start exporting your contacts.

Tip. To control what information is stored in the CSV file, click the Map Custom Fields button and perform manual mapping.
To make sure Outlook has successfully exported all your contacts, open the newly created CSV file in Excel to view the information.

 Import Outlook contacts to Gmail33

To import your contacts from Outlook to Gmail, you need to do the following:

1. Sign in to your Google Gmail account.
2. In the top right corner of the page, click the Google Apps icon and then click Contacts. Or go directly to your Google contacts.

3.On the left under Contacts, click Import.

4. In the Import Contacts dialog box, click Select File and choose the CSV file you exported from Outlook.

5. Click the Import button.

6.Once the import is complete, the All done message will appear in the lower right corner of the page. If you accidentally imported a wrong contact list, click Undo.

Note: For the import to be successful, your Gmail account must have the same language that is set in Outlook when exporting contacts. Otherwise, the column headings will not match and you will get an error.

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