how to merge outlook calendars

The Outlook platform manages multiple email accounts in the same place, the movement of emails from all different accounts can be easily managed and the same goes for the calendars of all different emails.

It’s virtually painless if you combine a few calendars and let yourself browse and analyze in one visit.

In this article, you will become an expert in “How to merge Outlook calendars”

How to overlay multiple calendars in Outlook?

In Microsoft Outlook, the calendar allows you to see all calendars in one place, you just need to select the calendar.

  • Open Outlook >> Click on the calendar in the navigation section >> Select some calendars >> Check your calendar on the screen.


  • By default you get both calendars on your screen, for some your problem is solved, but if you have multiple calendars in your perspective it is quite difficult to understand and manage.
  • Outlook Overlay calendars easily combine all holidays from selected calendars and display on one page.

How it works?

  • Select your calendar >> Go to the display tab >> select the month >> click Overlay

Which button is used to combine multiple calendars in Outlook? – “Overlay”

  • The result is a layered calendar with all your events. Each event is colored to indicate its origin. The colors correspond to the colors you set for each calendar. You can simply click on the calendar on the list of holidays displayed in the single box.

How to Combine Calendars?

There are two methods: use a copy and paste option to merge the Microsoft Outlook calendar.

First Method

  • Open the Outlook calendar >> Select the calendar containing the events you want to merge >> Right click on the calendar.

  • A pop-up box will pop up, now you need to select the calendar you want to paste the data or merge the data into.

  • Click OK, our agenda merges.

Second Method

  • Switch Calendar to list view.
  • Select all the events in your specific calendar that you want to copy (click Ctrl + A)

  • Right click >> use move to folder >> select specific folder.

  • The list of holidays is automatically removed from the existing calendar and merged into the selected folder.

How to Import and Merge Calendars in Outlook?

Exporting and importing your Outlook calendar is another way to merge calendars together. Seems like a professional way to do it.

It’s a two-step process, where items are exported from one calendar and then imported into another, so that it can be merged with the calendar where you want to display all of the items.

Understand the two-part step-by-step tutorial, Sync Two Outlook Calendars.

  • Exporting the calendar from “A”
  • Import the same calendar into “B”

Step 1: Export Outlook Calendar

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Select Open & Export >> Click Import & Export

  • Import and Export Wizard, select Export to a file

  • Click next
  • The Export to File dialog box will appear, select Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Click Next.
  • The Export Outlook Data File dialog box is required to select the calendar for a specific email ID and click Next.

  • Select the folder location and file name to save the file or you can select the folder location, click Browse and enter the file name.
  • Keep all default settings as they are and click Finish.

  • Enter password and verified password to keep your file/attachment protected >> Click OK

Your folder is saved in your specific location with password protection. Now you have your exported calendar in your hands, that’s the end of part I.

Time to import the file with another calendar into Outlook to merge all your appointments

Step 2: Import Outlook Calendar

Now that you have your folder file (.pst), here’s the step-by-step guide “How to Import Outlook Calendar”.

The process is similar to the export calendar in Outlook.

  • Open Outlook >> Click File Tab >> Select Open & Export >> Click Import & Export
  • Import and Export Wizard, select Import from another program or file
  • Click on Outlook Data File (.pst), since you already have the file (.pst) available, >> click Next
  • Click Browse and select the calendar file (.pst) saved to your location and created to export the file.
  • Select “Do not import duplicates”, click Next.
  • Select Outlook Data File Calendar, Select Email ID to Import Folder >> Click Finish

It takes some movement and you finally have 2 Outlook calendars combined. You can also see all the events and appointments that were in one Outlook calendar in the other Outlook calendar.

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