how to retrieve deleted emails from outlook

Yes, there are several ways to recover your deleted emails from Outlook on Windows. You can get those emails back using some methods built into Outlook, or you can use a reliable email recovery tool to do the work for you. In any case, you can recover deleted Outlook emails that you deleted by mistake.

Where Do the Deleted Emails Go in The Outlook?

Usually when you intentionally or accidentally delete emails from Outlook, they go to Outlook trash or can be called as Outlook deleted emails folder.

It works the same way as your Windows system. Every time you delete an email, it will not be deleted permanently, but it will give you a chance to recover deleted emails in Outlook. Therefore, all deleted emails stay in the Deleted folder for a while.

Only if you used a specific shortcut to delete your emails permanently, or if you also emptied the Deleted Emails folder in Outlook, only your deleted emails will be deleted permanently. Until then, you can always recover deleted emails in Outlook from deleted emails folder.

Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook Deleted Emails Folder

If you want to recover any of your deleted Outlook emails, you should try the deleted Outlook folder first. It is the easiest and fastest method to retrieve your emails. As you already know, all your deleted emails from Outlook are always stored in the Deleted Emails folder for a certain period of time.

So if you don’t delete them from the folder, you can always recover emails from Outlook’s Deleted Emails folder before they get deleted automatically.

Follow the steps below to recover deleted emails:

Step 1 :In Outlook’s side menu, find “Deleted Items” option. Click on the Deleted Items option to go to the Deleted Emails folder.

Step 2 :Now locate the email you want to recover. Right click on that email, you will see several options, click “Move”.

Step 3 : Once you click “Move”, you will be asked to choose a location from the specified location such as Other Folders, Default Folder, etc. Choose the folder and click on it.

This simple process will recover your deleted email in Outlook. But if you can’t recover email from deleted folder or can’t find deleted email in Deleted Items folder, then you probably need to follow other methods described in this article.

How to Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook Server

If you cannot recover emails in Outlook from the Deleted Items folder, you should probably try to recover them from the server. It is a hidden folder under Deleted Items.

Usually, you can find the permanently deleted emails on the server through this method. You can get your emails back through this method and you can move them to the Deleted Items folder, and then you can get those emails back from Deleted Items using the method mentioned above.

Follow the steps below to recover deleted emails:

Step 1 : In the side menu of Outlook, click the “Deleted Items” option to go to the Deleted Items folder. Once you’re in, choose “Start” from the top menu bar.

Step 2 : After clicking the “Start” option, you will see a “Recover Deleted Items from Server” option under Start.

Step 3 : Now you will see a list of many emails, find your deleted email that you want to recover from Outlook. When you see the email, select it and choose the “Restore Selected Items” option. Now click on “OK”.

Note: Once you have recovered your emails from the server by following the steps above, your emails will not be recovered immediately but will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. You can then go to the Deleted Items folder and get your emails there.

You can easily recover permanently deleted emails in Outlook through the two methods mentioned above, but if it still fails, then it is probably time to use a recovery tool. But before we find out the best way to recover Outlook emails with a tool, let’s first see how to recover deleted emails in Outlook Exchange account.

Recover Deleted Email Using Outlook Exchange Account

The above-mentioned methods work for the most part in recovering deleted emails in Outlook or Outlook app for any operating system. But if you are using Outlook Exchange account, you can try this method to retrieve emails. This email recovery method is very similar to what we discussed above for in-app recovery.

Step 1 : Go to your Exchange account in Outlook Web from which you want to recover deleted emails.

Step 2  : Now on your Outlook Web, find the “Deleted Items” option in the menu window. You will be prompted to right click on the “Deleted Items” option. This will open a pop-up menu. Choose the “Recover Deleted Items” option from the pop-up menu.

Step 3  : You will now be redirected to the Recover Deleted Items window. Now you can search for the email you want to retrieve or you can manually search for that email. Select the email you want to retrieve from Outlook and move it to another folder or inbox.

In any case, any of these three methods mentioned above should work for you and it should recover deleted emails in Outlook. But for any reason, if you are unable to recover the emails in Outlook or cannot find the deleted emails, then you should try the following method.

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