how to save an email in outlook

Email is an effective form of communication. Running a business, sending correspondence to friends and family, making purchases in online stores – these are just some of the functions that emails help us fulfill. It is also important to keep them for future reference. Therefore, it is essential to know how to save an email in Outlook.

For starters, any user can open Microsoft Outlook, type a keyword in a search box and find what they need. That’s true. So why is it necessary to save Outlook emails? Suppose there is no internet access during the flight, or you need to save your Outlook emails as files and share them with colleagues. In these and other cases, e-mail forwarding is not always possible to fulfill what is required. Therefore, the information on how to save emails from Microsoft Outlook is helpful.

Different Ways to Save Outlook Emails

In addition to sharing, you may need to save all Outlook emails in the following cases:

  • Regularly back up essential information stored in emails;
  • To import them to another account;
  • To save them on the second PC;
  • Transfer data from a PC to a Mac;
  • Transfer messages from Outlook to another email client program;
  • To take email correspondence to court or for the forensic email process.

Easiest way to Save Outlook Emails and Folders

The most complete and easiest way to save Outlook messages and folders is to use an Outlook data extractor, the Data Extraction Kit for Outlook. It allows you to save emails, contacts, appointments, attachments and other Outlook items in separate files of different formats that can be used in other applications.

The software allows to specify the output format for exporting and the user can combine the settings. For example, save Outlook messages in EML, MSG (binary), MSG (text), TXT, or HTML format.
Outlook Data Extractor is available for a free trial, don’t waste your time, download it here and see how this amazing utility works.

How to Save a Backup copy of the Specific Outlook folder(s)

Whatever the purpose, those who want to know how to save Outlook 2019-2007 emails should start by clicking the file in the top left corner of the Outlook interface.

Then find Import and Export and click on it.

If you click on the option Export to a file → Then you need to choose an account and folders to export, then you will get a PST file.

This is how Outlook emails are saved in a file that can be further imported into another account.

How to Save Outlook Emails to Computer in Other Versions

Hence the question “How do I save my Outlook 2019 emails?” has already been deleted. The versions of the software released before are slightly different, but in general the steps follow the same principle. One has to click on File, choose Open & Export and then click on Import/Export. Then a wizard will appear. There, a user has to click Export to a file.

So how to save emails in Outlook 2013 depends on its further usage. It is necessary to choose between the .pst and CSV formats, after that the Next button should be pressed. There are still a few steps left: you need to choose an account and folders to save, as well as choose where to save the file to be exported. Clicking Finish will start the process.

Additional Possibilities with Outlook Emails

To save archived emails, the standalone version of Outlook offers a simple procedure. As described above, depending on the version of a client a user has installed, it is necessary to export files in .pst format. In addition, there is the option to use filters to save only the emails that are needed.

To save Outlook email as a separate file:

  1. Select the email you want to export
  2. Click on File menu > Save As
  3. Select the location to save the MSG file and confirm the save

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